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Say Good Bye to Obesity using Simple Steps.....

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Obesity is a state of body where excessive fat or cholesterol accumulated causing a negative effect on health. Lots of causes are involved into developing obesity in our body.

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Lots of reasons are responsible to grow obesity but there are few basic things shortlisted below.

  • Obesity grows due to food habits like skipping breakfast, not taking food in time, oversized food consumption during lunch or at dinner time, taking high calories food all the time etc.
  •  Inactivity plays a vital role to grow obesity up; if calories aren’t burnt through physical activity, unburnt calories foster obesity.
  • Sedentary lifestyle also has a big importance to grow obesity; non early riser, late night party and also taking snaps just after lunch are immensely responsible to develop obesity.
  • Lack of sleep or over sleep also indulge obesity to grow; over work also the reason behind the sleeping disorder which in turn increase weight gain and resulting in obesity.
  • Certain medicines like anti seizure medications & diabetes medicines also increase weight in our body if not nullified through proper diet & activities.
  • For genetical reasons, obesity can grow also; if your body is not good enough to digest food & convert consumed meal to energy then it tends to increase your obese level & having adverse effect.

How to detect/calculate obesity: 
We can calculate our obese level  by using a term called BMI (Body Mass Index). BMI is basically related with our weight & having co-relations with height also. It is calculated with the ratio of our body weight & height. If our body weight is “W” (in Kg.) and height is “H” (in mtr.) then it can be calculated as BMI=W/H2. From the value of BMI, we can easily understand where we stand in. It can be calculated in different ways and it’s ranges varies from country to country, but below list of BMI range has been recommended by World Health Organisation (WHO).
BMI less than 18.5 - Underweight
BMI between 18.5 and 25 - Healthy weight
BMI between 25 and 30 - Overweight
BMI between 30 and 40 - Obese
BMI over 40 - Very obese, morbidly obese



  • Food intake after waking up in the morning should be done at regular interval; try to take hot lemon water with salt in empty stomach, do breakfast on time, don’t skip lunch, it should be taken with salad & vegetables, also dinner at right time. You can break your meals into several parts for easy digestion.
  • Keep always your body active, do exercises in regular manner; it may be hands free or jogging, skipping, jumping, walking through or cycling etc. and repeat the same in the afternoon also if possible to burn unsaturated fat accumulated in your body. Use staircase when going to office or business locations or elsewhere instead using elevator or escalator.
  • “Early to bed & early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy & wise”…definitely you need to set in early to bed & wake up at the early morning which reduces fatigue whole day long and keep fresh throughout entire day. It helps to eliminate sleeping disorder also.
  • Don’t go for doing over work in a day as it produce lots of mental stress and put pressure and strain on our nervous system. Do your job in a planned way so that it can be completed without any tension and you can relax timely.
  • If you are genetically obese, then you need to put an extra effort to keep control over obesity by following above steps and it should be kicked off at the early stage of your life.
  • If somebody follows above procedures to keep weight intact and not gaining weight and thus obesity then no need to take medications to reduce weight and also the person will be free from any side or adversary effects of medicines.
Latest Trends:

You can reduce weight by consuming below mentioned 10 foods on daily basis which help you to control obesity, cholesterol , excessive weight and last but not the least cardiovascular diseases.

  • Oats: It is full of fibers and it help to reduce cholesterol level in blood which further help to reduce excessive body weight. 
  • Egg: Very low calorie food and should intake in the breakfast on regular basis and it have immense nutritional value & rich in proteins. 
  • Apple: An apple everyday keeps the doctor away; it is full of antioxidants which destroy free radicals and ensure loss of belly fat and obesity. It contains Vitamin C and quercetin which removes unsaturated fat cells from your body.  
  • Raw Pepper: It burns extra calorie from your body. You can take it any time in a day.  
  • Garlic: Allicin is the main element (sulphur compound) in the garlic which absorbs unnecessary cholesterol and has fat shrinking ability.  
  • Honey: It works superbly if it has to be taken with warm water every day; main functionality of honey with warm water is to minimize fat level and weight.  
  • Green Tea: Green tea need to be taken two cups daily (morning and evening) as it is also rich with antioxidant elements which increases immunity to fight against free radicals & help to alleviate excessive weight.  
  • Wheat Leaf: Juice of wheat leaf control metabolism in our body and also help to weight reduction. 
  • Tomato: It is an outstanding resource of antioxidants (lycopene); try to take tomato regularly as it reduces level of unsaturated fat from our body and also plays cancer-protective role. 
  • Dark Chocolate: It is full of nutritional value and powerful resource of antioxidants; it’s flavonoid and anti-inflammatory elements absorbs excess cholesterol in blood and reduces fat and also lower cardiovascular diseases.


Those people who is suffering from obesity and very much eager to shrink
obesity level and belly fat should also follow below suggestions as well.

  • Include lots of fruits and vegetables in everyday diet chart.
  • Bring colours in your day to day plate like, orange and yellow vegetables (carrot, corn, pumpkin, yellow capsicum etc.), green vegetables (broccoli, cabbage, cucumber, green beans, spinach, lettuce etc.), red vegetables (beets, red onions, red cabbage etc.) and white
    vegetables (cauli flower, mushrooms etc.).
  • Set a window of 12hrs. (highly recommended) just between 8 a.m & 8 p.m for
    consuming food as late night dinner yield obesity and fat.
  • Maintain a food diary or journal and also remember to read labels of food items. 
  • Don't lose motivation if you go off the track and try to come back to it's maintenance
    path; overall a positive attitude will help you enormously..."if there is
    a will, there is a way".
  • Don't take any fat burning synthetic foods, diet supplements, energy powders and protein drink as these will damage your inner body system in the long run.
  • Intaking coconut oil which is a combination of fatty acids have profound positive effect on health specially on fat loss & also good brain functioning. It also helps to lower blood pressure level and hence somebody is calling it as ‘superfood’.

Star Talk:-

Fitness expert Shalini Bhargava says that there are three deciding factors- fat percentage, waist to hip ratio and genetic predisposition towards obesity and hence all types of cardiovascular diseases. "You cannot change your genes but you can definitely work towards the other two by following a well-balanced exercise plan and consuming nutritious diet". Likewise achieving a worth require some effort, if you are ready to sweat; you have your fitness in your hands and there will be no word like "obesity" in your dictionary.

World Health Organisation (WHO) suggests the world to minimize intake of sugar 5% to 10%of their overall consumed calories. Basically their focus on the added sugars in the processed foods like honey, syrups, fruit juice, any other sugary drink, cookies, beer etc. They admitted after having solid evidence that 10% low of  intake of added sugars through different foods will reduce risk of overweight & obesity. WHO suggested that every country should have a target to lower added sugar level at least 10% below the current consumption

Recently the burger chain like McDonald’s Corp. is cutting the amount of calories & salt on it’s indian menu to retain customers as awareness of obesity is growing in our country. Rising obesity is increasingly affecting low & middle income countries. WHO is giving pressure on all the fast food chains globally to offer healthier food at their outlets.

Black foods are in Vogue:-

In today's world specially in China, Japan & Mexico, black foods and delicacies have taken a place upright for it's health benefits very specifically for obese and diabetic persons and absolutely for cardiovascular diseases also. It contains anthocyanins which are anti-inflammatory & protect from various heart diseases and overweight.

  • Black Garlic has lots of anti-oxidants (usually twice that of white garlic) and improve blood circulation.
  • Black Rice is powerful resource of Vitamin E and protect body cells from free radical damage.
  • Black Lentils is rich in fiber which lowers body cholesterol and improve immunity system.
  • Blackberries are also having lots of fiber and daily consumption of it help to reduce overweight.

In ancient China Black rice was known as forbidden rice as these were set aside for Emperor and members of royal family due to because for it's nutritional value. Common people wasn't allowed to consume this nutty rice; only the members of royal family and Emperors used to consume the same as they believed that this black rice will extend their lives!!

Research News:-

Recently lots of research works are going on to curb the obesity may be in terms of medications or mechanisms or may be some other way.
  • Currently a team of researchers from Imperial College London has identified a brain mechanism which detects a shortfall of Glucose (components of Carbohydrates and main energy source in brain cells) in our body and seek more glucose which in turn lead our body to maintain a healthy level of glucose to prevent obesity and excessive weight.
  • A group of scientists from McGill University, London, discovered that extracts of potatoes which is rich in highly concentrated polyphenols are responsible to reduce weight gain. This potato extracts in the coming days may be the solution for preventing obesity and type 2 diabetes.
  • Another group researchers from Imperial College London and Glasgow University has been developed an ingredient that can be added to foods to make people feel "full" which seems to be very effective for preventing weight gain and obesity. This ingredient (Inulin-Propionate-Ester, IPE) contains propionate which controls apetite-reducing hormones in the blood and this in turn reduce extra weight from our body. 

Diet Fads in Block:-

Some experts are giving suggestions on their bestsellers that few diet we can follow in a hurry or at work which in turn help you to control extra fat in your body.

  • Organic butter & coconut oil: Dieters drink double espresso nowadays as a meal substitute with a tablespoon of organic butter and coconut oil which induces instant energy, burns extra calories and obviously extra fat. Dave asprey, american author, is calling it as bullet-proof diet-rich in fat. He is claiming that follower of such kind of diet will be able to loose a pound a day though he admitted a disadvantage like nutritional deficiency of having it.
  • Monomeal diet: This idea has come from one kind of food either at one time or throughout the whole day/week. But the problem is that eating just one food will lead to sickness rather than burning extra fat.
  • Keto diet: 10 day Ketogenic diet is specifically designed for the brides which allow them to reduce excessive weight in 10 days. It comprises meat, nuts, cream and cheese but not grains, bread and sugar; with no carbs to burn, body burns fat. Limitation of such kind of diet is that it will not harm your body but you will regain your reduced weight very soon.
  • UpdayDownday diet: It allows you to take meal (not more than 500 calories in a day) on alternative days. Alternative diet pattern is good if one doesn't go overboard next day; control is the key.
  • New techie diet: Silicon valley employees are having meal replacement protein drinks to save time and get more work done! They are consuming liquid meals like Soylent, Schmilk, People Chow, Schmoylent which are invariably rich in protein and come in powder format. But definitely it's not a healthy option.

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